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I have received this email probably 500 times and every time I love it more than the last:

"Hey this is [insert name], I have a shoot on [insert days] and I need a gaffer for [insert project] , are you interested and available?"   

The clients, dates and topics are ever changing but one thing has always the same "I need a gaffer". 

The thought that people might just type "I need a gaffer" into their search engines as a last ditch effort really amused me.  I didn't just want a site with my name plastered all over it so I figured sure, why not.  Based on my website traffic reports typing "I need a gaffer" is far more common that I expected and a few people have told me when the site pops up they get a good laugh.  They're laughing, I'm laughing, we're all having fun here.  Seems like a good fit, lets shoot a great looking video.   Now you know the secret.

My main goals are to provide productions a pain free dependable source of quality equipment and to be a skilled collaborator for Directors and DPs.



E-mail is the best way to get in contact as I am on set often.  I will respond to all e-mails after wrap or before 8am the following morning. e-mail

Getting in Contact


If getting in touch is time sensitive, I check my text messages prior to call, at lunch and right after wrap.  You can send me a text at 774-210-0205 I will send you a reply ASAP


If you would like to speak on the phone please first send an e-mail with a general outline of what you would like to discuss so that I can be sure to answer all questions quickly and accurately!


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